Take Some Time This Fall to Seal Air Leaks

Fall is a great time for home projects. For many, it’s the ideal time to tackle lingering to-list items and to prepare for the upcoming cold days of winter. One important item that should be on your to-do list this fall is sealing air leaks in your home.

If you have leaks in your home, it can make it difficult and inefficient to keep your house warm during the winter. Small holes allow warm air out and cold air in, both of which you obviously want to avoid during the cold season. Air leaks are especially problematic in older homes and are common around doors, windows, and attics.

Taking the time to seal air leaks can make your home much more comfortable and efficient this winter. Today we’ll talk about some easy ways you can seal air leaks throughout your home this fall to ensure that you’re prepared for winter.

Seal Attic Leaks With Spray Foam

sprayfoamAttics are one of the most common areas for air leaks. Unfortunately, these leaks often go unnoticed. It can seem like attic leaks wouldn’t have too much of an effect on your home’s temperature, but if your attic has lots of leaks and is poorly insulated, it can make it very difficult to control the temperature of your home.

This is particularly true on the coldest and hottest days of the year. While tackling air leaks in your attic can feel like an overwhelming task, there’s actually an easy solution to this problem.

Spray foam will seal these leaks and keep you from having leaks throughout your attic. So, don’t neglect attic leaks any longer. Take advantage of spray foam as an easy and effective way to make your attic more efficient.

Seal Walls, Floors and Ceilings by Caulking

Other common areas for air leaks are walls, floors, and ceilings. If these areas are not properly caulked, lots of air can leak in and out of your house in these locations.

Locate any holes in your ceilings, walls, and floors and then take the time to thoroughly caulk them.

This is not a difficult project, and taking it on will really help to keep your home warm this winter. So don’t ignore holes any longer. Instead, get some caulk and ensure that all holes are sealed before the coldest days of winter arrive.

Seal Windows and Doors With Weatherstripping

weatherstrippingDoors and windows are often the sources of leaking air. The combination of either a poor seal or small holes can make these spots very inefficient.

Luckily, there’s an easy fix for this issue. Weatherstripping doors and windows will prevent air from leaking in and out. While this might seem like a big project, the good news is that taking it on will make your home more efficient this winter.

However, it doesn't stop there, it will make your home more efficient year-round. It’s well worth your time, so don’t put of weatherstripping any longer! Winter is not too far away, and now is the perfect time to prepare your home.

By taking a little bit of time to seal air leaks throughout your home, you can make your home more comfortable and efficient this winter. If you have any questions or need any help preparing your home for the cold days ahead, call PAC Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning today at (718) 720-4980.