Winter Weather Watch

Last week on Paul’s Pro Tips we discussed the importance of plumbing and heating tips before the winter. Well, the first big snow storm has hit NY and it was a big one! Hopefully your home’s heating unit was functioning properly yesterday and kept your family warm! If not, make sure that you get everything checked out to ensure you are ready for the next big storm! It’s important to realize that during these storms the temperature will drop to dangerously low! Also like we stated last week, it’s important to realize that during cold temperatures like these your pipes can freeze at any moment. Make sure you follow these tips BEFORE the big storm to avoid any heating or plumbing issues.

  • Before the storm make sure your home is well insulated
  • Make sure to shut off water valves to avoid a pipe bursting.
  • Winterize your home before the winter storm
  • Make sure your home consists of enough blankets and warm clothes for emergency situations like power outages or if your heating system stops functioning
  • You can create an emergency storm kit, so everything needed is in one place as well. It’s recommended to have extra batteries, flashlights, candles, matches etc.

Please just make sure you are properly prepared for snowstorms this coming winter. As we can see already in early January, it’s going to be an extremely cold winter so it’s even more important to make sure your heating system is properly running.

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