5 Reasons to Replace Your Furnace/Boiler

The Cold Weather is here and it’s going to continue to get colder! You should look at your Furnace or Boiler depending on what you own, before the temperature continuously drops. Is your System old and not functioning as it should? Look at some tips on why it may be time to consider replacing your Heating system.


  • System is old- These Heating systems are usually expected to run efficiently for around 15 years or a little less (Depending on the quality of your unit). More efficient systems come out every year that are longer lasting and better quality
  • Repair Costs- Are you frequently having to pay repair costs because your unit is always having issues? Then it’s time to save Money and replace your unit. You can Upgrade to a brand-new heating unit and not have to worry about paying constantly for additional repairs!
  • Humidity and Air Quality Issues- Sometimes your unit can be causing low humidity which can make your home feel colder than it is. Low Humidity can even negatively impact your floors and furniture. Some things such as odors, allergens, pollen pet dander can affect the Air Quality in your home. Contact P.A.C. for a new high efficient heating system to avoid these air quality issues.
  • Noise- Sometimes your heating system may be causing excessive and unnecessary noises. This could be an indication that your duct system is undersized and too much air is being pushed through too small an opening.

Instead of continuing to have these common issues with your heating system, it’s time to upgrade. Stop continuing to spend money on any unnecessary repairs and just upgrade to a brand-new heating system that will ensure the most comfortable household for you and your family.

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