Get Ready for the Cold!

You always hear about how important it is to get your Heating System prepared for the winter. Have you ever realized how important it is to make sure your plumbing is prepared for the cold?

Plumbing Damage to your home could lead to thousands in repairs! Especially with the holidays quickly approaching, you are going to need your plumbing system operating at 100 percent! Our technicians here at PAC Plumbing, Heating, & A/C are here to ensure that everything in your home is running smoothly and efficiently!

In the freezing cold weather, there are possibilities that pipes may freeze. If water freezes within the pipe it can cause it to expand and crack the pipe.  The water that expands into ice within the pipe can cause an increase in water pressure.  You can do a few things to try and protect your pipes. You can install pipes in an insulated place or you can fit pipes with insulating sleeves or wrap them.  If you notice your water flow slowing down or have a fear of frozen pipes, contact PAC immediately!

Also another tip would be to turn off all of your outside water valves to prevent frozen pipes.


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