How to go on vacation worry free!

It’s summer time, which for many means it’s time to sharpen the saw and take a vacation. Before leaving your home, you want to make sure everything is up to par so you can enjoy your vacation, worry free.  Especially, when it comes to the safety of your home. So, to help keep your mind at ease this vacation, we’ve came up with a few simple tips that can prevent major problems with your home.

  • Turn Up Your Thermostat - When leaving your house for vacation, it is recommended that you turn your thermostat up higher but to not completely shut down the unit. By raising the temperature on the thermostat, this will allow you to save energy while you are away because you don’t need the unit functioning at its normal temperature anyway. It is recommended to not turn off the unit completely though because then you will walk into an extremely hot house when you come back because the air has not been circulating. Sometimes when the house gets too hot, it can have an impact on your floors, cabinets, walls etc. So, make sure you raise the temperature, but don’t turn it off completely.
  • Change Your Filters - Since your system will still be running while you are away, it is important to change the filters as well. This will prevent some air conditioning malfunctions that can occur while you are gone. We recommend having one of our Experts come out at least a week or two before your vacation to ensure that everything with your air conditioning system is functioning properly. Call P.A.C. before your vacation so you will know FOR SURE that everything is working correctly.
  • Shut off the Main Water Valve – When going away for an extended period, you should probably shut off your main water valve. If there is a small leak this minor action could save you a big headache.  Additionally, if you have water leaks on your faucets or a running toilet, shutting the main valve will save you money on your water bill.
  • Check Your Sump Pump - Another thing to check is your sump pump. If there happens to be a large rain storm while you are away, it is important to know that your sump pump is functioning properly and you are prepared for those circumstances.
  • Clean Your Garbage Disposal - If you have a garbage disposal make sure it is clean before you leave! You want to make sure that there is no unnecessary residue in there because if not, you are going to return home to smelly odors and bugs. Just by placing a ½ cup of water and vinegar down the drain while it is running will ensure that it is clean and ready to go.

These are just some basic Plumbing/HVAC tips that you should take care of before going on your summer vacation. It is always important to do routine maintenance work on all your appliances all year round but if you are going away for an extended period, make sure you follow this checklist to ensure your house will be the same as you left it. If you are having any trouble at all, call P.A.C. and we will take care of it! Have a great summer!