How to prepare your AC for summer

Beach Season is coming! Do you really want to skip your next beach day because you had to fix the AC? With some routine maintenance before the summer your unit will be up and running in no time!


Paul has a few tips that will $ave you Money and Time!


  1. Change your filters – Clogged or Dirty filters will negatively impact the performance of your central air conditioning unit. The particles within the filter will affect the air you breathe (Indoor Air Quality).
  2. Clean the Condenser – Clear away all debris, leaves, grass, plants etc. from around the outside condenser. Make sure to clear any pollen or other contaminants that have developed around the unit. You can always use a garden hose sprayer on a low setting to hose down the condenser.
  3. Check the Refrigerant Lines – Take a look at the refrigerant lines and make sure they are completely insulated. If they are not completely insulated this could cause an energy loss.
  4. Check your vents – Make sure that you are opening all of the vents and making sure that cold air is coming out. Also closing vents can sometimes increase pressure in your ductwork and that extra pressure leads to leaking.
  5. Check the Condensate line – The condensate drain line empties our moister that your Central Air Unit collects from the air in your home. Ensure that the drain line is not clogged by using a wet vac to suck out the debris from it. A clogged drain line will set of a safety switch in your unit and will shut it down. If that happens, you need to call PAC right away.
  6. Get your Tune Up – Call Paul and get a PAC expert to do a professional tune up and save the time and energy. Our team of highly qualified experts will guarantee your family’s comfort during the summer heat wave.


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