Items that should NEVER go down Kitchen Sink Drain

It may seem so easy sometimes to just put some things down a drain rather than taking the appropriate steps. Paul is here to tell you the damage you are doing to your drains! Pouring the wrong items will cause a backup in the drain or the sewer itself! Here are some of the items you should never put down your drain:


  • Oil/Grease – Grease can ruin your drain pipes. It will stick to the sides of it and continues to build up over time and create blockages
  • Flour – Flour can cause a huge problem if you put it down your kitchen sink. Once Flour and water mix, it will cause a clog in the drain
  • Coffee Grinds – Some people think it’s okay to pour coffee grains down your drain, WRONG! These small grains can easily buildup and cause a clog in your pipes
  • Paper towels- Too many paper towels can cause a buildup and will backup your entire drain. This can be very co$tly in repairs.

There are many other items not to pour down your kitchen drain but these are the most common everyday items people use. What to do if you have a clogged drain? Easy Solution; Call Paul!


We’ll send out our Plumbing Expert to take care of these issues and avoid them moving forward!


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